I have been wondering for a long time if God really cares about our physical bodies, our physical beauty?  Based on what I learned growing up, I would have to say, “no.”  Over the years, as my relationship with God has grown, however, I have taken God out of the “box” I put Him in.  Now I am not so sure I agree with what I was told growing up. Psalm 139 says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I don’t believe this verse is speaking exclusively about our physical bodies, but I do wonder why we often exclude our physical bodies from the scope of this verse.  Why are we so uncomfortable talking about and embracing the unique beauty that God has given each and every one of us? In the last several years God has asked me to intimately sit with Him and think about these questions.  As I have been obedient, I have realized that society has clouded my perspective more than I thought.  The pressure society puts on me on a daily basis is honestly overwhelming.  So until I slowed down and asked God to speak to me about my physical beauty, I really didn’t know how He felt about it.

Because we live in a distorted superficial world, we need to continually ask ourselves if our beliefs and thoughts line up to the truth of what God says.  If we continue to move quickly and don’t take the time to slow down or ask God to speak to our hearts, we will go through life understanding only part of God’s truth, never fully living in the freedom and joy He desires.

Can I encourage you to take some time alone with God and allow Him to love on you and speak truth over you about your beauty?  The more we see ourselves through God’s eyes the more freedom we will have to embrace our physical bodies, knowing that God created us exactly the way He wanted us.  We will eventually be able to look in the mirror and see the beauty that God sees when He looks at us.  He created us fearfully and wonderfully; He knows that full well.  Fight for freedom girlfriends and do the work. God truly wants you to live in His truth, not in bondage to the lies and half-truths of this world!

by Michelle