The Power of Joy

Have you ever seen a flashmob? One person begins to dance, and is soon joined by another, and another, and another, until before long hundreds of individuals, representing countless friends, couples, and families are moving to the same rhythm, dancing to the same song—altering the landscape around them ... The scene is powerful. It pulls, lures, and invites to the dance floor all who hug the wall waiting to be asked—much like joy when it spills over from our lives and splashes on those around us.

Close to the bone

No one cleaned the meat off the bone like my grandmother – with meticulous care and pure enjoyment.  I asked her once why she worked so hard to get every little morsel of meat off the bone.  “Beth Ann,” she replied, “the sweetest meat is always closest to the bone.”

Truer words were never spoken - about pork and about life.